Even though the exchange is in hibernation, the Liquidity Pool is alive and well and has evolved into the TIOprime Pool.

To join the TIO Prime Pool and to enjoy daily interest returns on your TIOx, create an account with We have distributed more than $500,000 in daily payouts already.

Your TIOx. Your choice.

The Trade Token X (TIOx) is a cryptocurrency token issued on the Ethereum platform.
TIOx is now available to purchase easily and hassle-free, via the TIOprime portal.


Hold your TIOx and watch the value appreciate over time


Invest your TIOx into the pool and receive daily payouts


Use your TIOx to access the forex markets


What has happened to the Liquidity Pool?

The LP has evolved into to TIOprime Pool; a TIOx lending facility which can be accessed at its new home on the TIOmarkets domain. Distributions continue to occur on all days that the FX markets are open and active.

All LP participants and their TIOx have been automatically transferred over to the TIOprime Pool and no further action is required from the participants.