already has a pool of early adopters who are committed to utilizing the firms technologies or who intend to ICO or IPO on the firm’s exchange.


FXPRIMUS is globally acclaimed for offering one of the most secure online trading environments available anywhere in the forex industry. The company enables clients of all experience levels to trade multiple instruments including forex, commodities, energies and indices, via a range of advanced web and mobile trading platforms. Lightning quick execution via state-of-the-art execution systems worldwide combine to create a seamlessly efficient trading environment. Client funds are protected via an unshakable risk management model, built to withstand any unexpected market volatility. We are the first brokerage in the industry to offer additional insurance on up to 2.5EUR million, plus 3rd party overseeing of client funds by Boudica Client Trust. We are also fully regulated by CySEC, and in full compliance with the regulations of Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID.) Clients of FXPRIMUS are supported through their unparalleled trading experience with the most innovative tools and resources, and best financial education. The company actively empowers its traders of all experience levels with the skills and the knowledge to make effective trading decisions, helping them to achieve sound financial success. See more:

What they say about us

"Regulatory compliance is fundamentally important to us, and so we constantly work to bring higher levels of trust to the business. This is done by applying best corporate governance practices into our daily operations, and also through, we show our intent to further invest in the transparency and efficiency inherently built into blockchain technology.."

Primus Capital Markets UK is an FCA regulated boutique brokerage to institutions & HNW’s, offering CFD’s in FX, Commodities, Energies, and Indices. Founded in 2008 by experienced FX traders, Primus Capital Markets is one of the true market leaders and continuously on the cutting edge with respect to technology and trading infrastructure.

What they say about us

"We chose to to be an early adopter of the future platform, largely in part because of its focus on bringing efficiencies to regulatory compliance, whilst also being a technological advancement that brings financial trading into the new era of blockchain."


THB Holdings, LLC, is an internationally-based entertainment company, currently held by Sledge Street Entertainment, which is based in the United States of America. It’s flagship production will be a world-class race franchise, The Human Baton. This high-energy race event takes place over land, air, and sea, and throughout a continent rather than in a traditional race environment. It is classified as an international super sport relay race, however unlike historical relay races, the baton is not an inanimate object… it is a live human being, “The Human Baton”. The Human Baton athlete is a new form of sportsman, they are co-pilots, high-performance athletes, and the vehicle driver’s wingman. The Human Baton athletes and franchise will create an entirely new level of immersive entertainment value and story telling currently missing in modern day racing. The race itself combines the speed and adventure of super cars, drift cars, desert rally vehicles, powerboats, helicopters, and endurance horses into one racecourse, with multiple legs. The Human Baton athlete will participate in and endure each leg of the race as a co-pilot and navigator alongside expert drivers and team crews. Human Baton’s will have to fight for every second to be crowned the first Human Baton champion, yet the entire team will celebrate the victory. Through digital technology and global broadcast, The Human Baton race event will pioneer the future of interactive entertainment. Audiences will experience all that the Human Batons see and hear through advanced technology in video capture, live streaming, and virtual reality entertainment. THB will disrupt the racing industry by engaging new audiences and existing fans through our immersive virtual reality and gaming platforms and as broadcasters find our audience, Title Sponsors will find a home for their branding campaigns. Stev Stephens is the Co-Creator of The Human Baton property. He also holds the title of Executive Producer and the Director of Business Development for ATS Filmworks, the company that brings adventures to life on shows such as The Amazing Race and American Ninja Warrior. He has created a successful career in the media industry by leveraging his unmatched producing and logistical talents. He developed the ground production plans alongside Mark Burnett for the Emmy nominated, “Eco-Challenge: Australia Adventure Race” covering over 300 miles of the Australian Outback. Stev specializes in developing large events and television shows that take place in multiple locations all over the world including political conventions, acclaimed reality shows, and arena-scale live productions.

What they say about us

"Like any private company who has a great business or concept and are in need of exposure, a corporate exercise like an ICO or IPO is paramount to getting to the next level. A listing on’s exchange provides an easy, hands off way of participating, and we look forward to working with them well into the future"

Incentives SA has a robust team of industry professionals bringing together a combined business development career of over 30 years. Having raised over R800m in funding, we have the right team and knowledge to scale your business and bring to your business the expertise it requires in accessing funding. With a wealth of experience in grant funding and business finance, we have helped over 400 companies grow their businesses.

Tail and Fin is a Las Vegas-based fast-casual fusion restaurant brand that is taking the United States by storm. The mastermind behind Tail and Fin is Chef Karu Wedhas who was formerly the Executive Chef of Nobu in Las Vegas. Its subsidiary, Tail and Fin Asia Pte Ltd, has been set up in Singapore to focus on the roll out of the restaurants in the Asian region.

The Great Fundamentals, commonly known as GreatFUN, owns and operates FBE (food, beverage & entertainment) establishments including a fast casual restaurant brand, WINGSTOP; a restaurant and bar brand, THE MAJAPAHIT; and a club brand, FUZE. The management team behind GreatFUN are industry heavyweights who have more than 60 years of combined experience in building and growing both homegrown brands and international franchises.

Educ.Pole is not only a unique project within the Cyprus borders; it represents an investment opportunity for any interested organisation or individual who wishes to invest in a highly qualitative project. Educ.Pole is a mixed use development with the enhancement of higher education at its core. With a total surface area of 241.000 sqm, the project has been divided in five main ‘poles’ creating strong synergies.

  1. University premises (Uni.Pole);
  2. Medical Centre development (Medi.Pole);
  3. Conference Centre development (Event.Pole);
  4. Commercial zone development (Commercial.Pole);
  5. 2 licensed Photovoltaic parks (Solar.Pole).

What they say about us

"Educ. Pole has always prided itself on its use of state of the art technologies in order to deliver world-class projects, educational and otherwise to the investment community. Through, we will be able to further positively differentiate our offerings, and distinguish our company as a leader in our field."

POW is a standard ERC20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain with two innovations that make it unique:

1. POW 'lite' is the non-blockchain version of POW. It is held in the account and enables holders to make free transactions with one another.

2. A global 'Airdrop' of POW 'lite' to 1 billion users worldwide kicked off on 3rd October. At present POW have had 70,000 claimants.

What they say about us

"We’re proud to become early adopters of this unique venture and play our own part in helping to democratize the markets. have demonstrated high-level industry and blockchain knowledge and their early success so far makes us confident of a long and rewarding partnership."