PRE-ICO & ICO: Dates and Participation

Crowdfunding for the ICO closed on 4 January. If you are still interested in purchasing TIO, the Trade Token is currently listed on these exchanges:
OKEx, Bancor, Gate.io and TIDEX

If you want to onboard as an adopter of our proprietary technologies, please contact [email protected]


Will you enable clients to see the Trade Token Smart Contract on GitHub?

This can better be answered by looking at section 4 of our Whitepaper found here: https://trade.io/whitepaper/EN.pdf

Is the blockchain trade.io making its trading platform open and public and is the code going to be published on GitHub?


How do you deem if the trade.io ICO is successful?

We will not be viewing the ICO raise as a gauge of success or not, but rather how Trade Token trades on the exchanges post ICO. Our primary objective is to create as much value as possible in Trade Tokens by executing across multiple fronts including the Liquidity Pool.


When Can I Contact trade.io?

Trade.io is one of the few companies to offer 24/7 Live Chat & E-Mail support. Feel free to contact us anytime.

About the Trade Token

What is the Trade Token?

Trade tokens are ERC-20 compliant tokens distributed on the Ethereum blockchain.

Which date will the Trade Tokens be released?

Our ICO is utilizing a Smart Contract, at which the ERC-20 compatible wallet which you will be sending the contribution from, will be the same to receive the Trade Tokens. The Trade Tokens will be in most cases transferred instantly to the wallet in which you are using to participate, speed depending on network traffic and gas used.

What wallet should I use to accept my Trade Tokens once they are released?

Having a wallet that accepts ERC-20 compliant tokens is necessary to receive your Trade Token allocation. Trade Tokens are ERC-20 compliant tokens, which in short means they are for use within the Ethereum system. Therefore, most any wallet that holds Ethereum (ETH) should suffice. We suggest using https://www.myetherwallet.com , as it is the easiest to setup and takes less than 5 minutes to do so. Further instructions can be found in the trade.io Members Area.

It is highly recommended that you store your Trade Tokens in an offline, cold storage solution. Please do not leave Trade Tokens on centralized exchanges, nor should you have a backup of your private key in your email, on your desktop or in your Google Drive, etc. Trezor & Ledger Wallet are great hardware wallet solutions, supporting all ERC-20 Ethereum token types.

If you require assistance please contact us on Live Chat or email us at and we will be happy to assist.

What will happen to any unsold Trade Tokens?

At end of the ICO, all unsold Trade Tokens will be burned, destroyed by a smart contract, thus decreasing the total supply of Trade Tokens in existence. Additionally, the percentage burned will also be matched across other allocations with the exception of the liquidity pool.

When is Trade Token tradable and on which exchange?

The Trade Token will be tradable and listed on multiple exchanges. The official name of the token is 'Trade Token' and it will be listed featuring the acronym ‘TIO’.

TIO is currently trading on these exchanges:
OKEx, Bancor, Gate.io and TIDEX.

More exchanges are scheduled to be announced soon.

Beside the expected potential price increase of Trade Token, are there any profit/benefits for Trade Token holders?

Trade Token holders will be able to participate in the following:

  • Gain entry into the trade.io shared liquidity pool
  • Share in the liquidity pool profits/losses, based upon total contribution to pool (Trade Tokens, fiat, etc.) and activity
  • Intermediary currency with low transaction fee
  • Participate as a market maker on trade.io
  • Stored value

When will the ICO commissions/bounty be paid to agents?

Trade Tokens will be paid at time of general public token disbursement (i.e. within 30 days following end of ICO) Fiat commissions will be paid at same time token disbursement is done.

Can participants utilize the Trade Tokens on any other trading platform prior to trade.io platform being ready?

We are anticipating allowing Trade Token holders to participate in a liquidity pool outside of the trade.io platform initially on specific platforms. An announcement to this effect will be made following the distribution of Trade Tokens following the ICO.

How do I exchange Trade Tokens for fiat or other cryptocurrencies?

Through any exchange that is offering Trade Token to clients.

Are Trade Tokens transferrable?

Yes, Trade Tokens will be transferrable once the ICO finishes and all tokens have been delivered to each participant’s Ethereum wallet.

Is Trade Token a security or utility token?

Following multiple legal consultations across various jurisdictions, trade.io management is fully confident that Trade Token falls under the classification of a utility token and NOT a security.

Trade Token acts like a membership coupon that grants access to the trade.io shared liquidity pool when used in the trade.io wallet. Pool participants can contribute via Fiat, Crypto, and Trade Tokens (and eventually other listed assets) to the pool. The liquidity pool pays these wallet holders out in a variety of currencies such as crypto and fiat. Therefore, if Trade Tokens are held outside the wallet, or not participating in the liquidity pool, there would be no access to the shared liquidity pool benefits that the wallet holders receive. Additionally, Trade Token holders may receive other coupon benefits such as preferred access or discounts on future products or new listings. To summarize, Trade Tokens act as:

  • a lower cost medium of exchange on trade.io
  • a store of value that can be used to purchase goods and services
  • a membership key in the trade.io wallet to the liquidity pool
  • a coupon enabling wallet participants to receive higher levels of benefits
  • a coupon for preferred access to products or new listings on trade.io when used in the wallet

Where can I buy TIO?

Currently TIO is available on the following exchanges: OKEX, Bancor, gate.io, Tidex, KuCoin, HitBTC & IDEX. In the near future, TIO will also be available on trade.io as well.

How can I deposit TIO with FXPRIMUS?

Once available, a client can navigate to their FXP Members Area, and deposit their TIO to our secure wallet which is kept in cold storage. In the Members Area, you will need to provide your wallet information, as this will be necessary should you request a withdrawal. Once received, your TIO will be automatically converted into your existing underlying MT4 currency (i.e. USD, EUR, GBP, etc.) Please note this may take up to 24 hours.

How can I withdraw my TIOs from FXPRIMUS?

Once available, a client can navigate to their FXP Members Area, and request a withdrawal. Your underlying MT4 currency (i.e. USD, EUR, GBP, etc.) will be converted back to TIO and sent to your wallet on file. Please note you can only withdrawal TIO if you deposited utilizing TIO.

Is there a fee to deposit or withdraw via TIO?

There is no fee to deposit using TIO. The only fee for withdrawal will be the "gas" fee charged by the blockchain to process the transaction. This will be debited out in TIO equivalent prior to processing.