Total TIOx Locked


Total TIOx Supply


% of TIOx Locked


Total LP Participants


Total Paid Out

$ 499,846.64

Liquidity Pool Daily Payout Chart

Earn interest in Crypto

Join our liquidity pool with 2,500 TIOx.
And every day, you'll get paid interest, straight to your wallet.

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How it works

  • We start the Pool

    With 50 million TIOx.

  • You loan the Pool 2,500 TIOx or more

    And so does everyone else – it all goes in the pool.

  • We put in 50%

    We put in 50% of our funds generated from every revenue stream. From spreads to risk positions. Even transaction and placement fees go in.

  • Every day, you get interest

    Based on what the pool generates and how many other people are in with you. And if you've contributed more, you get a higher percentage back.

  • You stay in control

    If the exchange makes a loss, nothing gets deducted from your wallet. And you can leave the pool and retrieve your tokens any day you choose.

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