API API provides access to’s revolutionary trading engine, allowing streaming and trade execution.

By using’s API you confirm that you have read and accept our API License Agreement’s Official API repository with technical documentation can be found here:

API Code Samples can be found here:

Swagger API Interactive Documentation can be found here:

To get started:

1. Login to your account.

2. Click on your profile icon.

3. From the top menu, choose API KEYS.


5. Choose the label for the key and select Permissions.

If you check 'allow withdrawal permission' you also can add an IP address whitelist for withdrawals.

You can enter several IP addresses. Withdrawals would be sent only to these IP addresses.

6. Click 'GENERATE'.

7. You will see the new generated key pair. Copy and store the API Key and the Secret Key somewhere safe. The Secret Key will NOT be shown again!

You’ll be able to see all your API key pairs in your API list.

You can also delete keys you don’t use any more.

Please keep your keys private and secure.